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IMCOR has extensive experience in BIM coordination of various types of projects, such as data centers, convention center complexes, R & D facilities, commercial offices, process facilities, medical, and crime labs, to list a few.

The capabilities of the IMCOR BIM team are substantial, with our lead modelers having experience in multiple trades,  including plumbing, pipefitting, HVAC ducting  industrial installation, oil field, power plant, industrial and process piping and design.

We are fully equipped with nine auto-cad stations, utilizing “CAD MEP” (ductwork) and (piping) auto-cad programs to produce fully coordinated working drawings. These programs feature 3D output with “on the fly” collision checking.

IMCOR has been using 3D CAD software since 1993, and has coordinated hundreds of projects using 3D software for coordination with the structure and other trades.