Calvin C. Goode Finance Building


The Calvin C. Goode building in downtown Phoenix is a 299,803 sq. ft., 10 story low-rise built in 1973 and is constructed of mostly concrete. The building was home of the Phoenix City Hall until 1994 when the New City Hall, which had mechanical systems installed by IMCOR, was completed. The building is now occupied by the City of Phoenix’s Financial Center.

In January 2011, Phoenix had been experiencing some record breaking low temperatures, and the city had a scheduled project to retrofit their existing heating system that had fallen behind. The entire Finance Building was left without heating and a potential catastrophe was at hand.

The city reached out to IMCOR for a temporary solution to provide heating to its employees. IMCOR constructed a plan, and within 24 hours had installed over 200 feet of temporary piping from the boiler room to the rooftop air handling units. A temporary pumping system was brought in and all utilities were installed to one of the new boilers expeditiously.

The City of Phoenix Finance Center’s business was unaffected due to IMCOR’s dedicated tradesmen being able to come up with a quick solution to return heating to the Finance Building and maintained their heat for 2 months during the cities coldest time of the year.  Once the heating system upgrade project was completed, IMCOR came in and restored the heating system back to its normal configuration.