IMCOR’s customers will benefit from our three state-of-the-art fabrication facilities.  The ability to fabricate at our shops up to 95% of the work to be installed from coordinated drawings will significantly improve both the project budget and schedule milestones.

IMCOR’s sheet metal shop consists of one Spiral Helix Spiral Duct Machine, one 20’ Pathfinder Plasma Cutter with coil feeder, one Iowa Precision, full service Coil Line, two Shears, two Press Breaks, two Spot Welders, one Band Saw, one Power Flanger, one Power Beader, four Roll Formers, and eight Hand Breaks.

Over the past 40 years IMCOR’s pipe fabrication capabilities have grown to meet the demands of both our commercial and industrial construction projects to directly serve the needs of our clients.  Today IMCOR operates a highly-progressive pipe fabrication facility that covers a wide range of welding procedures, including a computer-controlled automatic pipe cutting machine which is an invaluable asset to our fabrication shop.

IMCOR’s pipe shop consists of one Vernon fully-automated pipe cutter, one Hypertherm plasma cutter, one 6,000 pound rotating weld positioned, one 4,500 pound rotating weld positioned, four 3,000-pound rotating weld positioners, one 2,000-pound rotating weld positioner, one 250-pound rotating weld positioner, one 135 ton piranha Iron Worker steel sheer, one Iron Worker Piranha saw, one Hyd Mechanic wet saw, one drill press and seven overhead crane system’s for hoisting material.

IMCOR’s plumbing shop consists of one hydraulic snap cutter, one rigid copper cutting machine, multiple pipe groovers, and multiple forms and tables for assembly.

All of the work produced in IMCOR’s shops comes from spool drawings generated from collision-free coordination drawings.  The work produced not only saves significant time and money, but greatly improves the quality of construction.