Phoenix New Times


The Phoenix New Times was founded in 1970 by a group of 8 ASU college student and run out of their apartments across from the university. They have since relocated and reside in the old Booker T. Washington Elementary School building in downtown Phoenix off of Jefferson St. The building was built in 1928 and was Phoenix’s first all-black elementary school.
In July of 2008, IMCOR received a phone call at 5:00 AM about several areas of the New Times building not cooling. Within one hour IMCOR had a technician onsite to address the issues. Upon inspection of the Central Plant Cooling Tower, the technician discovered that the blower shaft had broken in half. IMCOR’s Facilities Service Group was able to handle this emergency situation with efficiency and urgency. Within 8 hours IMCOR had installed emergency piping and a 20,000 CFM Air Handling Unit. For temporary cooling IMCOR tied in the closed loop piping to the temporary air handler and electrical from the central plant. This allowed the indoor water source heat pumps to cool down the building and New Times to resume operations.
That same day, New Times worked with IMCOR to develop a plan for the repair of the cooling tower. During the approximate 2 weeks it took to receive all parts and materials, IMCOR maintained the temporary cooling system and all interior water source heat pump units to keep the building at optimal temperatures while the cooling tower was being rebuilt.
IMCOR rebuilt the cooling tower and returned the entire system back to 100% operation. New Times production was unaffected and only lost 1 day of operation without loss of revenue. IMCOR continues to provide a quality service to the Phoenix New Times and considers its relationship with them to be a valuable one.