Our maintenance agreements assist in reducing comfort/equipment heating and cooling issues along with costly breakdowns. Our custom programs are designed for your specific needs. You can also select or design the program that fits your company’s needs and budget; we will guarantee that each task is performed by a knowledgeable and skilled professional.

PMA benefits:

  1. Maintenance schedule managed through IMCOR database
  2. Service pre-scheduled with management or building occupants
  3. Guaranteed timely performance of maintenance schedule
  4. Priority service on routine and emergency calls
  5. Increased equipment life, which reduces future breakdowns and costs
  6. Savings on labor and material costs
  7. Qualified service technicians who are familiar with your equipment
  8. Maximum equipment efficiency, which reduces energy consumption 5-25%
  9. Increased occupant comfort, which results in productivity gains, tenant retention and process control
  10. Competitive Commercial and Industrial Service Rates and charges
  11. Special Service Agreement Rates and Plans: Contact (602) 253-0430 or service@imcor-az.com for an appointment