Toyota Data Center – Downtown Phoenix Technology Exchange Building


 Downtown Phoenix Technology Exchange Building consisted of a 21,000 square foot raised floor data center for Toyota Motor Sales, USA Inc., serving as a disaster protection facility. The mechanical system consisted of two 276-ton packaged evaporative chillers in an N+1 arrangement.  The chillers were installed on structural supports fabricated and installed on the roof. The data room required 10 Liebert units at 17,000 CFM each. Evaporative coolers were utilized as a source of conditioned air for the generator penthouse located on the roof. Fan coils serve common areas and corridors. Fuel oil systems consisted of schedule 40 socket-weld piping from the fuel oil storage tanks located in the basement to the fuel oil day tanks on the roof.  IMCOR provided a complete fuel oil system, including controls. Three 3,900-gallon water storage tanks were installed to allow approximately 12 hours of emergency service if required. IMCOR provided startup and commissioning support and delivered this project on time, in budget, and with the highest of quality.