Northwind District Cooling Plant – Phases 1 – 5


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe 14,000-ton capacity Northwind District Cooling Plant is located within the Phoenix Convention Center’s West Hall, and is one of the largest chilled water plants in Arizona.  For IMCOR, this project included coordinating the installation of chillers that weighed over 100,000 pounds and installation of piping that has a dry weight of over 130 pounds per foot, in addition to providing a comprehensive value analysis of all the system components, costs, and performance for the clients review.  Additionally, IMCOR provided coordination of our work with the other trades before construction activities started. The client’s accelerated schedule would have been unachievable without IMCOR’s experienced personnel to properly lay-out and coordinate the work for this project, and our offsite prefabrication capabilities. The Northwind District Cooling Plant provides chilled water to the Phoenix Convention Center as well as more than 30 other buildings downtown. The Phase 1 mechanical system consisted of:

  • Nine rooftop cooling towers which circulate 36” condenser water supply and return piping to and from the chillers located at the bottom of the structure
  • Six 2,000-ton chillers and two 1,000-ton chillers:
    • Four of the 2,000-ton chillers have dual evaporators that circulate glycol to and from the BAC ice coils located within the 1-million gallon ice storage tank
    • Each 2,000-gallon dual evaporative chiller weighs over 100,000 pounds
  • (6) Heat exchangers
  • (10) Condenser water pumps
  • (8) Chilled water system pumps
  • (8) Distribution pumps with a 42” pipe header
  • (4) Glycol system pumps