Wild Horse Pass Resort and Casino

Approximately 506,800 square feet of combined casino and hotel space.


The Wild Horse Pass Resort and Casino is located in Chandler, Arizona. IMCOR’s contracted value for the combined HVAC and Plumbing scopes was greater than $20 million. IMCOR was selected as a design assist partner for the project approximately eight months prior to start of any construction activities. IMCOR was tasked with cost control from early design development drawings and provided timely, complete, comprehensive estimates and a thorough value engineering pricing analysis.

The HVAC scope consists of two large built-in-place air handling units, 269 vertical stacked chilled water fan coils, 38 horizontal chilled water fan coils and approximately 171,000 pounds of ductwork. Supply air is distributed throughout the casino by a pressurized under-floor plenum with air devices in the floor regulated by pressure and temperature sensors located throughout the under-floor plenum. Chilled water to the AHUs and fan coils is provided from a site-built central plant that produces chilled water and heating hot water consisting of two 750-ton water-cooled centrifugal chillers, a two-cell cooling tower, two 10,000-MBU gas-fired heating hot water boilers, four CHW pumps, two HHW pumps and two recirculation pumps. The plumbing scope consists of 117 water closets, 30 urinals, and 101 lavatories, including a Sovent® System for the hotel.

IMCOR has fabricated nearly 90% of the in-wall plumbing for all the fixture groups on this project. Additionally, IMCOR prefabricated all of the coil connections for each AHU. This piping and plumbing pre-fabrication, as well as our ductwork fabrication abilities, significantly improved the quality of the work installed and improved schedule milestones for IMCOR, as well as associated trades on this project.