NAU: Health and Learning Center

NAU’s Health and Learning Center  was a long-distance, complex  project that was expertly managed and constructed by IMCOR’s field teams.

This targeted LEED Gold project consists of five areas – the Recreation Center Addition, Athletic Addition, Wellness Addition, Classroom Addition, and the Recreation Center Renovation for an approximate square footage of 265,307 SF. The NAU Wellness Center will receive chilled water and steam for heating hot water via underground pipe from NAU’s district plant. Total cooling capacity is 733 tons.

Additionally, the NAU Wellness Center utilized an evacuated tube-style hot water heating system that consists of 102 evacuated tube-style panels with 1,800-gallon heat exchanger type storage tanks, two recirculation pumps with 50% glycol piping and uses solar power to heat 100% of the building’s hot water requirements.