Chinle Natatorium

Specialty HVAC is always a challenge, but IMCOR’s experience and ingenuity is enough to make any job possible.

‘The Chinle Natatorium and Community Center is a multi-level sports arena located in northeastern Arizona in the Four Corners area. This sports complex includes a pool area (Natatorium) and training facility with its primary function being a basketball arena. The project’s HVAC system consists of four pipe fan coils with chilled water being supplied by three air-cooled chillers. Four AHU’s condition air to the arena and two specialty AHU’s were utilized in the Natatorium area due to the high humidity requirements. Heating is provided by two gas boilers and ductless unit heaters. Supply and return ductwork serving the basketball arena is installed underground and requires a protective PVC coating. Exposed ductwork in the Natatorium is aluminum spiral pipe.